App State Football

An Exuberant Tradition of Excellence.

  • Appalachian State University (App State), tucked away in the bucolic Blue Ridge Mountains, is well-known both locally and nationally for its football program. With a passionate fan base, a rich history, and a legacy of success, the Mountaineers football team has left its mark on college football history.
  • The Past and Its Legacy

  • The rise to prominence of Appalachian State football started many years ago. Since its founding in 1928, the team has experienced incredible growth, moving from a small college football program to a dominant force in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and, ultimately, a successful transition to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).
  • Triumphs and Accomplishments

  • The Mountaineers have won numerous conference titles and incredible bowl game triumphs, among a staggering array of other honors. Especially, their unforgettable upset victory against the University of Michigan in 2007 cemented their legacy in college football history and made it one of the sport’s most memorable events.
  • The Experience of App State

  • Appalachian State’s football program provides a distinctive experience by fusing an emphasis on academic success with a dedication to athletic excellence. Modern facilities, committed coaching staff, and a community that cheers on the team at every game are all advantages for student-athletes.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Appalachian State Football:

    1. In which conference does the team play?

  • App State, renowned for its thrilling matchups and competitive programs, is a proud member of the Sun Belt Conference.
  • 2. Are there any well-known NFL players who attended App State to begin their careers?

  • Of course! NFL talent has come from App State, including standout players like Daniel Kilgore, Armanti Edwards, and Dexter Coakley.
  • 3. How can I watch a football game at App State?

  • Attending games at Kidd Brewer Stadium or watching on television or online streaming services will allow fans to witness the thrilling action.
  • What distinguishes the App State football fan base from others?

  • App State supporters, who are renowned for their steadfast devotion, exude excitement on game days by filling the stadium with

  • In summary

  • Beyond just a sports team, Appalachian State Football symbolizes a feeling of pride, resiliency, and solidarity among the campus community and its supporters. The Mountaineers are still an inspiration to success as they continue to change and leave their mark on the collegiate football scene.
  • The Appalachian State Football Program offers an experience that goes beyond the game itself, catering to a wide range of fans and potential student-athletes alike.
  • Join the Mountaineers on their thrilling journey towards ongoing success to avoid missing out on the excitement!
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